Sunday, July 01, 2007

for Cloe Danielle

Sweet Fragile Strength

I see the delicate fragility of your life.
Standing by your bed in the night
Your hands clenched as you struggle,
What is hidden from my sight

Every breath weak but deliberate,
More life in every gasp of air
Each one a bit stronger than the last,
Each carrying hope against despair

Scarcely one obstacle is passed,
And the next barrier appears
An issue of the blood,
Yells its thunderous fears

While worry rises,
In helplessness not concealing
Beneath it all,
Courage never stops healing

With only one gift,
Into this world you came
That one gift,
A bright and shining flame

The flame carries you,
It becomes just enough
It doesn't flicker or falter,
It never yields to life's bluff

No expertise,
No wealth to claim
Just life, a family's love,
And a family's name

Every day, you climb,
Every day, you rise
Every day you amaze,
With your sweet fragile strength

Welcome to the world, Cloe Danielle
Meet the hearts, That love you

July 1, 2007

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