Tuesday, June 12, 2007

yes, the earth is round

For those of you that thought I had fallen off the edge.

It has been a busy couple weeks. We are trying to close out the school year. I am working for a contractor this week. It is more observation than work, but it is designed to keep me in touch with the craft that I teach. It has been fun so far. I try to go to different type jobs to glean the best information possible. Mike at Thoroughbred Electric is a great guy.

The kids left today for Florida for a month. It is going to be quiet around here. It is ironic. we are looking forward to the quiet, the peace, the lack of messes, etc.. but we miss them already. Reminds me of a little saying I heard years ago.

As a rule, man is a fool.
When it is hot, he wants it cool.
When it is cool, he wants it hot.
Man, generally wants, whatever it is not !

Ah, to be so predictable.

Next week I will be in Louisville. Tammy will be here by herself (well, maybe Sierra will be here, maybe a baby will be here.. who knows ?)

Other than that it has been peaceful. No drama is a good thing.

I'll catch ya up more as it goes.

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