Thursday, June 21, 2007

returning from out of town

I am back from my Technical Update Training inLouisville, KY. May I say it was a great miserable time. The classes were wonderful. It was great to fellowship with other electricity teachers and pick their brains. It was good to see old friends in Louisville. It was miserable to try to sleep in a bed that is not my waterbed and without my sexy wife for cuddling. I do NOT sleep well the two nights I was in Louisville.

It felt so good to be back home in my bed.

Now, catch up time.

Chas and Chris came by on Sunday to visit for a bit. Ian and Abigail were in great form. Ian was delighted to show us all his new tricks and I was delighted to spray his hair a lovely shade of green (with parents permission, of course.) Here is Ian showing off his muscles:Abigal is getting so big. she is growing muchly. Here she is trying to drink Tammy's Diet Dew:

She is just a darling. she has Tammy wrapped around her fingers already. she is 6 months old.

What a doll !!

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