Saturday, April 21, 2007


I wrote this last night. I am still not sure I like it or not.

As They Might

Through my life I have walked into and out of darknesses
It is as natural as breathing the breaths I borrow
Part of the normal ebb and flow of life
Fully knowing, the same life that exudes joy, reeks of sorrow

Loving someone is like plowing a furrow
Turning the fallow earth, exposing the hidden tender soil
Opening up for the magnificence of love and all it brings
However, one of the tagalongs carries the weeping of deaths toil

How true those words of loving and losing
Being the more desirable than of not loving at all
But sometimes the losing is without malice or intent
Sometimes it is merely the end of the breaths that fall

Your time has come and passed
That I may know and hold you real
Now I hold the precious memories
And laugh and cry with you as ever still

Longer times, I can now pretend
In your absence that life goes on unabated
This heart will not be fooled with memories,
Precious as they are, they will not keep me sated

This pain has confirmed once again
Just how prized is this life gained
I will open these furrows for the seedlings
And welcome the joys and sorrows rained

Sharpen that blade, sower of seeds
Shove the plow into my heart
Plant the seeds of joy and woe
Give to them each, their sacred part

In the darkness, and in the light
And let them grow, as they might.


April 20, 2007


TammyJ said...

My Poet,

As you know so well your words can touch me to the core and most often when I read your writing I can feel what you were feeling when you wrote it. This is a departure for you in the sadness it imparts , however that is what we have experienced so much of lately that it is only natural and expected that something you do as well as writing would reflect what has been in your heart perhaps writing it is a healing act on your part, When I read it it allowed me to really feel what I have been trying to avoid feeling. It allowed me to open that door and let some of it out. That my love is a good thing and something you do all to well, touch peoples hearts to allow them to feel the things they otherwise would try to disguise. I love you more than I have words or works to show you .


Retro Girl said...

I thank God for giving you this gift...the gift of expression. I think it is a wonderful outlet for you. It also touches the hearts of everyone who reads your matter the occasion, tone, or subject. My heart has ached for you and Tammy...I've been praying for all of you.

I thank God that you and Tammy have each other, and your children. Your love, too, is a gift from God, and one that you all give each other every day. You also give it freely to friends you love and who love you. Your love is strength.

I love you both. *HUGS*
I'm thinking of you. Very Often.
Missing you. Praying for you.
As always, you both inspire me. In more ways than you can imagine.

Take care.