Sunday, April 08, 2007

Heart In Heart

There is a mountain in my life
Comprised of memories of you,
Today, sadness shrouds that mountain like a fog
As it no longer continues its familiar growth;

I know that most of the sadness will pass
And the fog will become a cloud
Wisping by from time to time
Driven by intimate winds;
I know that memories will be added still

In conversations with friends and family
About the ways you touched their lives
As we marvel about your journey;

But today, I am lost in this fog
I cannot see that happy tomorrow
Without you in the middle of it
Part of my tether is gone;

Nothing is the same as it was yesterday
This fog obscures the once brilliant hues
It seeks to hide the happiness we shared
But that happiness will not be denied;

Even now, it valiantly struggles to be heard
It refuses to give its place to the fog
In places here, and places there
It chases away the encroaching murkiness;
Like shining pin pricks
In the blanket of gloom
Growing and adding the more
Your love, your happiness, your joys
Scattering the darkness of dusk;

To those that never met you
You are a name in a well told story
You exist in the fleeting of the tale
But to those of us living with the mountain
You are still here as our continual partner
Where we once walked hand in hand
We will now stroll, heart in heart


April 8, 2007

1 comment:

Retro Girl said...

I have been away for the last week, visiting for Easter...haven't had a chance to read blogs or email until this morning.

It's odd..I awoke this morning, and felt this overwhelming need to pray, and felt the need to pray for you, and Tammy and your families, your Grandma and her dad...I asked the Lord to please comfort you, and bring peace to all of you in your time of sorrow, and to watch over and help your Grandma and Tammy's dad.

I didn't realize you'd lost them both until I read this, this morning. It was as if something was calling me, and trying to tell me to pray for you. I'm a bit taken aback...

I am so incredibly sorry for your loss. I wish I were there to hug you both, and just be with you in this very very difficult time.

My words are's hard to say what I feel just right...But know that I love you both dearly, my friends, and my heart aches for you. *HUGS*

I hope you can find some small moments of peace and comfort with each other, and in good memories.