Tuesday, April 03, 2007

It is raining

Actually, it is raining here in Louisville. It was storming earlier. There were tornado touchdowns nearby. However, that is not what I am talking about.

We are in Louisville for the SkillsUSA Kentucky State competitions. I have 3 students competing this week. Their contests were today. Tomorrow are the skills contests (ie. Welding, carpentry, electrical, etc.)

Today, TJ's uncle called to tell her that her dad had passed away. I will not go into her relationship or past with her dad. I won't dwell on how she felt about him. I will tell you that the news literally knocked her to the floor. We are leaving tomorrow to make the arrangements. There is no one else that can or will. He had no insurance of any kind.

I called my contacts with Kerr Brothers Funeral home. They assured me that they would help me out as much as possible. They handled Dad's arrangements. Several of the funeral home's directors and leaders came to the family to offer their assistance in any way, on a personal level. Dad had preached many funerals there. I have preached a few there myself. Our families have worked together on several occasions.

We will keep ya as posted as possible. We appreciate the prayers.

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