Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Vacationing resumes

The second two week vacation ensued on Saturday actually. Although there is no sleeping late (the taking Chris to work thing), there is opportunity to slip back into bed for sleep, cuddling, other bed activities, or just to be in the bed in the middle of the day.

Saturday morning, we head out to Columbia, South Carolina. That is the halfway point to pick up Kyle from Florida. It will be good to have the little chatterbox back home.

The house buying progresses along. I signed a dozen or so papers on Monday. I think I even signed a paper stating that I was allowed to sign all the papers. The packing continues. We are looking for more boxes. There is an entire blog in moving about the collecting of stuff. Stuff is the fabric of our lives. We collect stuff to remind us of every significant event in our lives. Some of the stuff will only be seen a few more times in our lives. However, we must keep it as it is our tie with our past. We only move into bigger houses when our past (stuff) begins to crowd us. We move, to find a bigger place to keep all of our stuff.


You know you have some. You know, sometime today, you will get some stuff that you will save. You will shove it into your purse or pocket. It may be at the end of the day, or days later, you will pull it out and give it the once over. You will relive the moment the stuff became important. Then, you will, either, find a place to store it for future trips down memory lane, or discard it as it has fulfilled it usefulness.


It is out there, in drawers, in closets, in garages, in storage boxes, in basements, in special stuff compartments of purses, in the folding money part of your wallet, in file cabinets, and all the other various places we put our stuff.


We come into marriages with our stuff in tow. We drag it all over the city and country. We horde it and guard it. It is our stuff.


Retro Girl said...

We have tons of Stuff too ... lol. It's funny the Stuff you find when you're packing and moving...Stuff you forgot you ever had.. lol.

If you want to get rid of anything electrical and sparky ever (if you get my drift)..don't forget me lol. I'm sure you don't wanna get rid of one of those kinda things tho'....

TammyJ said...

Hey honey.. Just one question.. where and how did we get all of this extra stuff in the last 3 yrs.. and is it multiplying?.. I swear the more I pack the more there is.. is there something I should know about our stuff... Oh yeah.. I really only commented to get another chance to tell you I love you...