Sunday, July 23, 2006

Goodbye to a dear friend

Animals were put on this earth for the service of man.
Each serves differently depending of species
Some get very close to our hearts

Malcolm was one of those.
He was boxer, weighing in around 85 pounds.
He was stout and all muscle.
He was a beautiful animal and a great friend.
He rarely barked, but when he did, you knew he meant business.
He loved to play.
He loved to run.
He loved wrestling with me, Tammy, or the kids.
Tammy and Kyle fed him.
Tammy cleaned up after him.
But, he was my dog.
He walked in and immediately attached himself to me.
He would walk by my side and listen attentively.
Oh, he was stubborn and stupid at times.
He was loved as much as I have ever seen a dog loved.
He like most people immediately.
Some he took a while deciding that he liked.
He was generally a great judge of character.
He loved riding.

Malcolm died today.
He died in our arms.
We tried mouth to mouth, to no avail.
He got hot on a trip back from South Carolina.
He panted.
He calmed down and laid down.
His breathing got labored.
We stopped and tried to save him.

We brought him home and buried him.
I miss him terribly.


Dark said...

Ron - We are terribly sorry to hear about Malcolm. Retro-girl and I send our sympathies...

Celti said...

Oh, Ron, I am so sorry. I just lost a wonderful canine companion last year and I know all too well how much it hurts. Just remember that he'll be waiting for you at the rainbow bridge! *hugs*

seymour said...

There are no words that can ease the pain you must have felt while trying to save your best friend. What an awful thing to happen. I am so sorry.