Friday, July 14, 2006

A beginning ...

She hates that shy nervous laugh even as she hears it coming out of her throat. He is dark and mysterious. It turns her on to be around him. His voice is like pure black magic claiming her soul. Yet, she can’t find the voice to tell him these simple truths. She finds herself wanting to be witty around him and fearing that she just sounds like a silly schoolgirl.

The chance that he can see the barely contained desire in her eyes forces her to avert her gaze. She is afraid he knows and afraid he will never know, all at the same time. She aches to be alone with him and still has reservations of what that might bring. She dreams he is trying to seduce her with his words and worries that he is just making polite conversation.

Minutes ago, she held her circle captive with her banter. They hung on every word, until he walked near. She felt his aura invade her space like a conquering host. In his presence, she became a shrinking violet. Her body fought against her speech. Her lips begged not to be betrayed. Her bosom heaved, her eyes danced, her fingers ached to touch, and her tongue pled to taste his.

Where will we go from here ?

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