Friday, July 07, 2006


Dang, I will be so glad to move.

We are having work done on the upstairs here. Yesterday, the guy that came to look at a problem with a door, knocked on our door, and presented Tammy with a bottle that he found in the drive way, well, to the side of the driveway in the grass. It was a prescription bottle for Hydrocodone (lortab). The contents were not what was on the label . In the bottom were three of four small rocks of Crack Cocaine. On top of those were two small (about as round as a quarter) plastic bags filled with a white powder, resembling cocaine.

I called the local police and reported this find. They sent an officer to the house to gather the stuff. He checked it out and agreed with us that it was most likely cocaine. The bottle was for a prescription that was filled on 6/27/06. So, it was fairly new. There was a name and address on the label that was still on the bottle. He said he would go to the address and ask if they were missing a prescription.

When I called the police, the guy working upstairs got in his truck and left. He wasn't the owner of the drugs, but he didn't want to be around cops and drugs, he said. He suggested that they would probably arrest me. I laughed. Why would I call them to report drugs on my property if I were a dealer or user? The officer did sit in his car for a bit after we gave him the drugs and our info. I am sure he was checking out the address and name on the label. I am also sure he checked me out as well. I have no record whatsoever. I have never been arrested. I have never been detained. I have never spent so much as a minute in any jail, unless I was working on it.

I am sure there are drug problems where we are moving. However, the road we live on is a major thoroughfare. It connects two main streets in our town. There is a constant stream of traffic, both vehicular and pedestrian, day and night. All of my neighbors are upstanding citizens. Both neighbors immediately to my sides are business owners. The neighbors across the street are business owners. Now, if you venture very far, you will come to some weekly rental properties. These do attract some bad elements. So, there are some problem neighbors a bit away, but it doesn't come here. Usually. The address on the bottle was 3 blocks from here.

I talked to the RE agent yesterday. I let her know that the home inspection and termite inspection are scheduled. I spoke to the Mortgage Broker, we are working on speeding up the process to give us an earlier closing date, to give us more time for the move and set up, before school starts back for me. He says things are going well, but would see if he can't speed things up a bit.

Moving day is coming ! Yeah !

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