Saturday, March 05, 2011

moving out of +$2

I had to break down and buy some clothes, as all my clothes look like I am wearing my big brothers clothes now.

Tammy bought me some jeans at Burkes Outlet. We stopped at Walmart for a completely different reason and I decided to check out their selection of jeans. They had their usual selection. However, I noticed that my size now no longer falls in the 'larger sizes, add $2' range.

Wahoo ! This eating right and getting healthy is paying off ! (laughing)

I went to a suit outlet yesterday and got a couple pair of dress slacks, a couple new neckties, and a new sports coat. It was funny. I bought them based on size. I did not try them on. I figured if they were a bit small I would lose into them, eventually. When I got home and decided to try them on. I held them up and said to myself, "These will never fit; They are way too small."

Even in my hands they felt too light. They felt wrong going on. Well, not wrong, I guess, but different. I got used to buying large and comfortable (comfortable = extra large for growth.) These seemed too small.

Imagine my shock, when they fit. They not only fit, but they fit like pants are supposed to fit.

Losing the weight was never about looking better in my clothes (well, not mainly.) It was and is about being healthier, living longer, getting around with greater ease, and feeling better inside my skin. This looking better in clothes is just a great bonus.

Pictures will be posted soon.

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