Friday, October 01, 2010

DR's office .. yeah!

The DR's office called me yesterday to follow up on my complaint. They were very apologetic and eager to get me in to see my doctor as soon as I could get there. We settled on an 8:40 AM appointment today. It was very different than Tuesday's fiasco.

I arrived on time. I barely got checked in and seated before they were calling me back to the exam rooms. As we were walking back toward the room I would be in, we passed my doctor in the hall. She greeted me, "Hi Ron!" and told me I was next to be seen.

Her nurse checked my vitals and as soon as she left the doctor came in.

We chatted about my diet and the changes I have made for about 25 minutes. She asked all sorts of questions and offered good advice. She, basically, told me that since what I was doing was working, keep it up. She told me what to look for as danger signs if there were going to be problems. There were none of them.

She told me that we needed to recheck my thyroid soon, but since her office lab charges a lot and I am without insurance now, she told me of a local place that charges a lot less, but she couldn't remember the name. She said she would find it and send it to me.

She checked my legs (I do suffer from some edema ... fluid retention) and was very pleased with what she found. She checked my heart and said it sounded great. She checked my breathing and, again, it was great. She checked my blood pressure. She told me that my BP always surprised her. She said, by my size, she always expected it to be high. It was 120/78, which was great. My pulse rate was great.

She checked my glands and remarked that, for the first time, she could get her hands around my throat to check them at the same time. (Good changes.)

We talked about my walking and exercising. I took her a printout (excel spreadsheet) of my daily calories, Carbohydrates, fats, protein, and walking for the past seven and a half weeks. We talked about my meds. I am currently only prescribed meds for my thyroid, but also take an OTC Claritin, a multivitamin, magnesium, and two ibuprofen (for tendonitis in my heels) every morning. She was happy with that.

We talked about her son, her parents, my wife and kids. We talked about singing. (Her office manager told her I complained about the last visit but sang her praises. She told the OM that, in fact, I did sing. She thought it was humorous that the OM used that particular phrase.)

It was a great visit.

After the visit I stopped by mom's to let her know what the DR said and did a 'day early' weigh-in. I won't count it as official until I weigh-in tomorrow while I am in town to get a haircut. But, unofficially, I weighed in at 305 pounds. This brings my total weight loss in 8 weeks to 45 pounds. Unofficially, of course.

Hope your week has been a great one.

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Gill said...

WTG you!! Thats a fantastic loss. Keep up the great work. You are inspirational.xx