Monday, October 11, 2010

Wedding Anniversary

Today is my 7th year wedding anniversary.

So far, the day has gone like this:

*Wife had to take daughter to work (60 miles round trip .. unplanned)
*Youngest son starts puking just before he was supposed to leave for school
*I took a 2 mile walk alone (wife planned on walking with me .. see event #1)
*Took sleeper sofa to son's house (another 40 mile round trip)
*Cut out about 15 feet row of hedges (over 6 feet tall .. burned over 500 calories .. Yipee)
*Finally stopped for lunch (healthy salad .. around 300 calories)

Let's see how the rest of this anniversary day goes ..

1 comment:

TammyJ said...

No matter how the rest of the day goes it still commemorates one of the happiest days of my life and 7 years of having the honor of being your wife. I love you