Thursday, June 25, 2009

summer ?

It seemed that Winter was not going to relinquish her grasp on us. She fought valiantly. The cold weather held on. It stayed cold and snowy for a long long time. People cried and bemoaned the weather.

Then, when winter did slightly relinquish her grasp on the temperature, the rains came. The cold retreated but the wind and rain moved in. Day after day the rain held on. There was talk about an ark. People cried and bemoaned the rain.

Finally, in the last day or so, the rains moved out (or so I thought) and the heat rushed in like an avenging army. It turned sweltering. Summer arrived with a vengeance. Temperatures ballooned into the 90's and 100's. (Just as I was starting the part about the rains leaving, it began thundering here.)

However, as the heat finally arrived, (lights flickering here .. might lose power) people cried and bemoaned the heat.

I am not sure where everyone has been, but usually, there is a period of cold (we call it winter) followed by milder wetter weather, (we call it Spring) and then the heat arrives and fans and A/C's begin to overwork (we call it Summer.) It has happened this was for a long time.

Some of you must be new to the planet.

Welcome to Earth, third rock from the sun.

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