Monday, June 15, 2009


We made it home late this afternoon. It was a great trip.

We went to the Dayton Ohio area. We stayed in Beavercreek. We went up on Saturday. Saturday night, we had dessert with Gina and Victor Vera. Victor is pastor of the AX church. AX stands for Apostolics of Xenia. Gina is a gospel singer and songwriter. She is quite fantastic. They just finished the second phase of their new church building project. Sunday night was the dedication service.

Sunday morning, we went to church in Dayton. Pastor Horst Krauss from Ausberg Germany was preaching. We have been talking via email, facebook, and phone for the last couple months. He is on his deputation/fundraising through parts of the United States. It was great to meet him. He preached an outstanding message.

Sunday evening was at the AX church. We saw old friends that we hadn't seen for years. Gina, I have known for probably more than 30 years. I met Victor before he and Gina began dating. It was a joy to see them. Last time I saw them was Dad's funeral. Rev. JH Osborne preached the dedication service. He preached an outstanding sermon.

Monday morning, we had breakfast with Pastor Robert Smith, another old and dear friend. We enjoyed it. I was catching up. Tammy was meeting he and his wife for the first time. The food was good. The fellowship was better.

Then came the drive home. We made the 3 hour drive in just under 4 hours. We stopped several time for TJ to rest.

All in all, it was a great trip.


Retro Girl said...

Sounds like a lovely trip...but it's always good to be back home.

Octamom said...

Glad you're home! Sounds like a great trip!


Fly Girl said...

I'm glad you're feeling better and that you enjoyed your trip!