Friday, June 19, 2009

the attack

In our upstairs bathroom, there is a rack that works in conjunction with the toilet. It has three selves that set above the toilet and the sides go down to the floor. There are various sized baskets on these shelves and other bathroom accoutrement's.

A few moments ago. I go to the bathroom to pee. I position myself properly in front of the bowl. I lean in to assure there is no drippage accidents. In my peripheral vision I see movement at the top of my head and feel something touch my hair. I look up and am looking into the eyes of a snake that had just struck at my head.

I was taken back for a moment until I recognized Ava, our ball python. Now, Ava does not have free run of the house. She is generally in a 55 gallon tank in the boys room. She has, apparently escaped and for some unknown reason, made her way to the basket at head level on the shelf above the toilet.

She is nervous. She didn't actually strike me. she struck at me in a manner of defense as my head came quickly closer to her and her hiding place. She did not act with any malice. I called TJ, who was amazed that she was in the basket. We got a towel and took her out of the basket and put her back in her enclosure without further incident.

I just wonder what kind of life it is when a snake in your shampoo basket, while not common, is not altogether unheard of and does not cause nay undue alarm.

Just another day in the neighborhood.


miruspeg said...

Ron I read part of this story on Facebook and pleased to read all is well with the snake and your good self.
Pleased to hear it was Ava, your ball python and not an unknown visitor.
Great story....peeing and snakes....not your regular blog post!

Willow Tree said...

Ummm... WOAHMYGOODNESS is the only thing that comes to mind. Well, you know, other than lots of shrieking and oh no he didn't say he was only taken aback for a minute. I think it would have given me a stroke on the spot.

Retro Girl said...

*Still shuddering*
I woulda screamed so loud they woulda heard it across america! lol
Y'all are brave! LOL..
I know how big your hearts are, so full of love...for all creatures *HUGS* Just love that one for me! (I'll keep my distance...LOL)