Thursday, May 28, 2009

family night finally

We finally got it together for a family night. It is rather difficult at times with so many things being done by so many of us. Tonight, it came together.

We had pizza and pasta from Pizza Hut. We had some old school games. We played Loaded Questions and Password. Chella was downstairs watching Bones while we finished eating. When we called her upstairs, Tj had coordinated a surprise. Once she was fully into the sitting room, adjoining our bedroom, she was attacked by three manics bearing cans of silly string. She had her own can and the war was on. There was string everywhere. It was a blast.

Then we cleaned up and settled down to play the games. We played until about 10 PM. We had fun. we laughed. We laughed. Then, we laughed some more. It was a great night.


Granny on the Web said...

Sounds like you all had fun. That 'string' looks a very messy item... I see why you had to stop and clean up.
Well laughing is good for you, so you must all feel great now!

Love Granny

Fly Girl said...

I love game night! We haven't played in a while, but it's something I always look forward to.


Debbie said...

Game nights are the best! I do love to play games. But I also like to win so the kids don't always like to play with me:)