Monday, August 18, 2008

Wheeling and dealing

Well, it turns out my deducible is $500.

My insurance company (Farm Bureau) has already sent me a check for $1492 and change ($1992 minus $500.) So, today I went out and about checking other independent body shops for a cheaper price. The less out of my pocket the better. The first place I went gave me an estimate of $1327 and the second one gave me an estimate of $1213. It looks like I will have enough to fix it without any expense. Also, there are some scratches on the side that I would like to get buffed out. Someone nameless (other driver in the house) rubbed the hedges as SHE was pulling out.

Tammy has fallen in lust over a Cadillac Deville at the dealership where we bought the TrailBlazer. She is ready to trade-in. She does say that I am a big truck kinda guy and probably wouldn't be happy unless I have the TB. One of the kids at church has a fit about me calling the TB a truck. He, emphatically insists, it is an SUV.

We will see what will be.

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