Friday, August 08, 2008

That's why I have insurance !

Last night, we went out with Chella and Caleb. Tammy and I had discussed going back to JD Legends for a little karaoke. Kyle was spending the night with Sierra. Chella was working, but had a ride home. Well, it seems that McD's had too many people scheduled to work. They gave Chella the option to go home early.

Side note here: Chella is working and saving her money to have a good 'moving out' amount for an apt and utility turn on fees, and such. She is doing quite well in saving her money. There have been times when they have asked her and others to choose who would go home. Chella chose once a girl that was pregnant to stay over her, because that girl needed the hours to support her and baby. Other times, Chella has told one or more of the 'live at home working part time to buy CD's and stuff' girls that they needed to go because she needed the hours. Her managers love her. She is a great worker. She usually get top choice of whether to go or to stay.

Last night she opted to go home early. Her and Caleb were going to go to the movies and see "Stepbrothers." I did warn her to be prepared to be a few IQ points lower when she returned home.

However, I asked her if she and Caleb might like to go with us. JD Legends is a restaurant, so minors can come and karaoke as well. They opted to go with us. We did tell Caleb that the only way Chella would be allowed to go to the movies with him on Friday was if he karaoke'd.

She and he did one song together. They didn't sound half bad. Tammy and I did four songs apiece. We left around 10:30 pm.

This afternoon, we went to Lexington to run some errands. One of our stops, I walked toward the front of the truck. (at home and earlier stops, I entered and exited from the rear of the truck direction. As I walked toward the front, I noticed the bumper wasn't right. It was drooping. Then I noticed the small dent in the fender in front of the tire and the crease in the plastic/rubber bumper. Last night, while in the parking lot of JD Legends, someone swiped me and left.

I stopped and got an estimate (about $2200) and called my insurance. I am filing a police report online (which is was cool to be able to do.) I have to get one more estimate. I have full coverage on the TB with a $250 deductible and rental coverage as well. The first estimate shop (where I will most likely take the truck) said it was about a four day fix.

I just hate that my truck is slightly crunched.
Oh well. time to see how well my insurance company performs.


Brighton said...

Oh I hate that! I couldn't hit someone then just sneak away. Cheap coward!

Hope the insurance pulls through smoothly ; )

Retro Girl said...

That sux!! People are such jerks.
Someone did that to hubby's HHR in the walmart parking lot a couple years ago. We'd just gotten the thing, had it a month...parked a million miles away from the building, purposely...come out and there's a gash/dent in the rear Quarter panel. Niiiiice. We paid for it outta pocket -- about $500.

You can't have anything these I have managed to keep my Mini ding-free for 3 years is hard to say (Crossing my fingers, knocking on wood).