Sunday, November 25, 2007

Welcome to the avalanche

As inconceivable as it seems, the boulders just keep coming down the mountain. Last night we were out with some old friends. One or more of them commented on our "bad" year. We put a humorous spin on it and said, "But we are out of relatives to kill." For the uninformed, we have had six family deaths since March.

This afternoon, we were in the sitting room. I was working on some grading for my classes at school, and was about to show Nick some pictures Sierra wanted him to see, that were on my computer. The phone rings, and it is the kids grandfather's number. He is calling to tell us that the kids Dad, Tammy's ex, has committed suicide.

These kids have been through so much. They got very close to my parents. Dad's death was a monumental loss to them .. Then Tammy's dad dies .. Then my grandmother .. Then my great aunt .. Then our next door neighbor .. Then Tammy's grandmother .. Then another of my great aunts .. and now this ....
It feels like being buried under an avalanche.
They are reeling from the blows.
I was thinking of them, and counselling them, and loving them, and talking to them, and praying for them .. and I wrote (which I do)
Easy .. That ain’t me

I suppose
In light of it all
No one would be shocked
Some would even nod
And say it was expected

It isn’t as if life
Gave me a break
At all this year

It would almost be easy
But it wouldn’t be me

Surrounded by the dark
Though the light fights
It seems the darkness
Will not be denied
It will have its day

The losses
Have been colossal
Depending on the person
There have been dads
And grandfathers,
And grandmothers,
And great grandmothers,
And great aunts,
And even a neighbor
That have walked
Into that great unknown

And each journey
Has taken our hearts
And our spirits
And lain open our souls
And robbed us of strength

I suppose
In light of it all
No one would be shocked
Some would even nod
And say it was expected

It would almost be easy
To give up
But it wouldn’t be me

It amazes me
How much we lean
On these pillars
In our lives

As I look around me
There are plenty of new gaps
But still, there are pillars
And I can still lean
And then I see
There are those
Leaning on me

It would almost be easy
To falter
To fall
But, it wouldn’t be me

Cause, easy
That just ain’t me

For the kids ...
November 25, 2007

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Retro Girl said...

I am SO sorry to hear this. My hear goes to those all of you.

I sure hope 2008 gets here soon...and I pray for a much happier year for all of you...


Great talking to you guys Sat. Nite...wish I had been there!