Friday, November 02, 2007

Something I wrote for a friend

Grand Parenthood

How do you let go
Of someone you love so much
How do you let someone else
Make the life shaping decisions
You know are right
While you watch from the side

Ah, now you know
The curse of the grandparent

All of your parenthood
You have readily accepted
The importance of your role
In raising a proper child
All of your parenthood
You tried to instill the right life value
You tried to tell them enough
You tried to make them independent

Suddenly, all the lessons come home
Did I tell them this
Did I tell them that
Did I give them enough

This life
This oh so precious life
Held in your arms
Forever held in your heart
So reluctantly placed in the arms
Of two inexperienced children

You try
In every moment shared
To give just a little more
To share one more parent tip
To extend the protection
To augment the care

Here it is
Small and fragile
Precious and loved
Being strapped into a car seat
In the back seat of a car
That is going to drive away

Did I do enough
Do they know enough
(As if any of us knew enough)
Do they have enough

You watched them break their toys
You saw their irresponsibility
You silently pray
Those days are far behind
You know
Babies will grow you

You wonder
You hope
You love
You worry
You fret
You trust
You simply must

Welcome to the Grand time
Of Parenthood
Welcome to Grand Parenthood


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