Sunday, September 09, 2007

Remain or Become

Someone I love was the victim in a crime involving violence. This is for that someone ...

Remain a victim
Or become a victor

Victims live in fear
Victors live in victory

Victims cower in silence
Victors speak out in empowerment

Victims draw away from others
Victors draw others with their strength

Victims live
Victors give

Victims hide
Victors reside

In the victim, the act becomes a whirlpool,

pulling everything down with it,
even the good that was before and comes after

In the victor, the act becomes a stepping-stone,

leading to the next pinnacle in their lives.

Victims are powerless to rise
Victors refuse to stay down

Victim’s lives are reduced to the level of the least act
Victors make the act, the least thing in their lives

Victims believe in the strength of others
Victors find that strength within themselves

Victims will find a way to turn every victory into a defeat
Victors will turn defeats into steps toward victory

Victim can never separate failing in this one act, from being a failure
Victors fully understand that failure is a momentary event and not a character trait

We become the things we do continually
The victim will always find a way to remain a victim
The victor will always seek a way to become a victor

Which will you do, remain a victim, or become a victor?

The choice is yours.

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