Friday, December 15, 2006

Slowly .. Ever so slowly .. The weekend approaches

This has been a week that cries for a weekend. Everyone in the house, except me, has been touched by the 'OMG, I am gonna puke' bug. Kyle has been out of school for most of the week. TJ called his school and they begged her to keep him out until he was completely recovered. It seems 35 students in the 5th grade are out with this flu.

The HS freshman principal has lost his mind. He pulled C into his office to tell her he saw her kissing a boy in the cafeteria one morning. However, it turned out to be a morning when she didn't attend school because she was puking as well. The issue has been that she is a white girl and K (who is just a friend) is black. It seems that racism is rampant in the small town HS. I believe it is a regularly scheduled course with a HS credit offered. (Racism 101) We are requesting a meeting to ask why nothing has been done about the several reports that have been made. As of now, the principal is denying ever receiving reports or names. The next meeting will be either recorded by me, or recorded by my lawyer.

I have tossed one student out of my class for the rest of the semester. That is only 4 days now. He has been a constant thorn. He is one of those students that knows how to dance all over the line and then suddenly withdraw. Tuesday, I wrote him up for 5 violations. Wednesday, I asked that he be removed from my class. Yesterday, I took another one out for a day. It is time some of these student learn the reality of reality.

The problem is the HS. They have no discipline. I talked to the police officer assigned to the school. He concurs. They threaten and never deliver. The students know this and press it to their fullest advantage. They come here with the attitude that they run the show. They will, if we allow it. So, it is a constant battle with some students. Add to that, the HS usually only sends us the students they can't do anything with. That makes sense, take the students you can't control, and send them down the hill to use power tools.

Weekend? Oh weekend? Wherefore art thou, weekend?


TammyJ said...
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TammyJ said...

Hey Baby..

How does just a few more hours til you can come home to a good dinner.. chilling in our bedroom and all the pampering a cute redhead can give you sound?


Ron said...

sounds perfect to me !