Monday, December 18, 2006

Monday Review

Today is review day at school. Finals are to be given (by mandate of GRC) on Tuesday amd Wednesday, alternating the classes. All 5th block classes are to give finals on Wednesday, the day before Christmas break. This is supposed to insure that all students will be here for the last day.

One teacher was even looking for donations to make her students banana splits for doing well this week. WTF ? What happened? When I was in school, you did well because it was just the thing to do. We were raised to excell and exceed expectations. I raise my kids tha same way. However, some of the kids I encounter here have this attitude of 'what are you going to give me to make me do well for you?"

When we started making schools accountable, not by their efforts, but by their results, we killed the education system. We have endorsed the cookie-cutter education agenda. Students have learned that if they do badly, the school suffers. So, not thinking beyond today (like many kids do?) they see this as thier way to revolt. They can't see the far reaching effect of said revolt. Here is a handy phrase for the next generation coming through the new public education program, "Do you want fries with that?"

Anyway, (stepping off my soapbox) my weekend was good but busy. Sunday was a blur. It started at 4am. Then we got out of bed at 6am. We were at Wal-mart for the "Shop with a Cop" charity event. From there we went to Jesse's to pick up bluetooth handsfree earbuds. Then a fill up with gas (ouch) and a fast trip to the house. A short stop and off we go again to Flemingsburg for church.
Return home, and write a latter to the Montgomery County Board Of Education, then head to DollarTree to drop off a monitor for a friend, and then to Lexington for a Board Meeting. After the meeting, Tammy and I went to my daughter's house to drop off Christmas presents and ended up bringing Ian home for the evening.

Ian is nearly three. Tammy went into the store. Ian and I waited in the truck. When I told him she was coming, he said, " Quick, let's hide." I asked him where we were going to hide. "In here," he said. It was so funny. He is a card. He was a blast to have at the house.

Ah, a running weekend.

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