Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Something I wrote .. Found .. Finished


There is no light of hope. There is no glimmer of joy
The darkness bounces the sound and echoes the loneliness
Cold and dark, melded as one
Indistinguishable, as I sit At the edge of dawn

There is no adjustment for my eyes to reach
No matter how I strain, no light to gather in
Not even a fleeting of the diehard idealist
He cowers beneath the growing damp misery

Time is suspended or so it appears
For a moment, for one overwhelming moment
It seems this is to be the only reality left
Without hope of even an illusion

Then it happens, far far away
Whether it makes a sound, I cannot say
But something stirs in that distant land
Is it a break? Again, I cannot say

The sun breaks the horizon tearing the fabric of the blackened sky
Slicing like a sword through the thin velvet veil of misery
Darkness flooded with brilliance's of orange and gold
Washing away the haze of yesterdays grays

Yellows and reds strive to break the bonds of misery
Chasing away the heretofore smothering darkness
light slicing through the horizon, leading the sun's charge
Emboldened by the retreat of the shadows

There is something undeniable about this slicing light
Bringing to the front previously hidden half truths
Exposing suspicions and putting them to flight
Advancing warmth encroaching on the pain

The sun emerges like a drowning man
breaking the surface of hopelessness
but it is too late ....
I am already dead.

Welcome dawn.

Ron S

November 29, 2006


Retro Girl said...

Wow this is really dark and full of dispair and melancholy...But rich with emotion...your words paint a vivid (yet dark) picture in my mind....

I agree with TJ--the end is a bit harsh, but your feelings at the moment it was written. I could identify with parts of this - in a place I once was...

As always - beautiful, and hauntingly touching.

Luv ya


Ron said...

I agree with ya, darlin

it is dark for the usually optomistic me .. but I really wanted to paint the picture that sometimes the answer does arrive too late .. and not always to that extreme, but it does get there late at times .. you know me .. I AM the "it's gonna work out" guy.

As I was writing it .. I kept it in my head .. that it was gonna be a "The sun'll come out tomorrow" kinda thing .. but the more I thought about it .. the more it hit me that sometimes, it doesnt work .. and there was not better way to express that than with that finality ..

as always, thanks for your words .. I love your works and your opinion is a value to me