Friday, November 10, 2006

Plague Warning!!

The plague stopped by my house this week in the guise of a sweet little blonde freshman. Chella brought something home from school this week that no-one wanted. She came in feeling poorly. By the end of the evening, she was worse. Then came the puking, pooping, fever, blahs. This was Tuesday evening.

Tammy took her to the DR on Wednesday. She has the PLAGUE, more commonly called the stomach funk, or stomach virus, or intestinal flu. By then, Tammy was feeling it as well.

Thursday, it got to me. I missed work, but didn't miss many opportunities to go to the bathroom. Chella still had it. Tammy still had it. She went to the DR and was diagnosed with the stomach flu PLAGUE.

Thursday evening the PLAGUE hit Chris. Thursday evening late and all night, it attacked Kyle. He spent most of his time after 8:30 puking and sleeping. He did not go to school today. Chella did go to school, but with an uneasy stomach. Chris went to work, as did I, and as did Tammy. We are hellbent on spreading this PLAGUE.

Life is good.


TammyJ said...

Hey Baby..

Isn't it nice to know we have our own little typhoid Chella.. don't even have to wait on rats to spread diseases around here..

Love you.

Retro Girl said...

Everyone up here has had that too...(Except us! *getting out my rabbit's foot, horseshoe, knocking on wood, all that stuff*)

Man, I feel for you. It's everywhere! Hope you all get better right away.

I hope you are better by Saturday 11/25 - cause if we get to see you at Chinoe, and Todd's that Saturday nite - I'm gonna be hugging you both and givin you smooches! And I don't want cooties! LOL