Monday, November 27, 2006

Back to work

Another week begins. It just has the misfortune to follow a five day weekend. I was off for holiday on Thursday and Friday. We didn't have students on Wednesday, so I took off then as well. It felt kinda strange last night setting the alarms to get up on time. It is funny. Any other day when I am not working I am up at 5 or 6 am, but on days I am working, I usually have to force myself out of bed at 6:30. Weird.

Anyways, the holiday was great. Sierra and hubby Jordan have been with us since Thursday (I think .. recollection is hazy right now.) They were with us on Thanksgiving, that I am sure of. Chris went to Nick-Vegas for the holiday and weekend.

We stay close to home as much as possible. We did get out amongst them on Saturday. We went to a munch and then out karaoke with friends. It was a blast.

Sunday was a stay home day for me. Tammy had to work. I got the kids pizza for supper. It was all good. We missed church in the morning/afternoon because she had to work.

There was car news, but it is still not clear exactly what is wrong with the car. It wouldn't start. When Bobby came to replace the starter, it started right up. He replaces the serpentine belt, fixed the egr tube, and left the starter alone (it is a bear to replace.) Still, no definitive answer on the overheating thing. Tammy drove it to work and all symptoms have disappeared. We are totally confused at this point.

There is more, but students take precedence. Later all.

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