Saturday, September 16, 2006

Yes, I know

It has been a week since I last posted.

It has been a busy week. School is insane. Literally !

My principal called my classroom and asked when we were going to be done with the new classroom we are building. It is slated to be done in December. She wants it done in two weeks. Add to this that I still have an extra (can't take into the shop) 28 students. I have 2 classes of first year students, 11 and 14 in them, that are not at the level to help, that they should be, because I cannot take them into the shop.

Auto Teacher # 3 is now precariously dangling, about to drop off the list, maybe. Here is the run down:
#1 .. Took the job .. Had to give notice .. Then decided, since his daughter was sick, that he wouldn't take the job, even after Herculean efforts to get his teaching certificate reactivated.

#2 .. Great candidate .. Going through the process .. Suddenly, there is a marijuana conviction in 1990 .. Mistakes of a young man .. Disqualified him for a teaching certificate ..

#3 .. Great candidate .. Took the compass test (comprehensive readin, writin, & 'rithmatic test) .. Passed it .. Took the NOCTI (National Occupational competency Testing Institute) to see if he knew what he knew .. FAILED it ! .. retaking it .. We will see

My 2 week, can you do me a favor, has now turned into 5 weeks .. I have insisted that they get someone to take the class next week.

There is good news about Tammy's car .. I wont steal her thunder though .. Go to her blog ( to find out what that news is .. She should have some news there this afternoon.

We are off this morning to a yard sale of one of my students .. Then to WallyWorld for some phoneline parts .. Then to crawl under the house to add phone lines .. Oh joy! All I can say is: It is good to have children of house crawling age in the house !

more to follow .. I will try not to be so remiss in my blogdom duties ..

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Retro Girl said...

That's a darn shame, that #2 made an "error in judgement" back in 1990----16 years ago and it prevented him from getting the job. I don't condone drugs, but it's been a long time and if he's had no other infractions since, they should give him a try.

Hope they figure out something soon, so you're not working yourself into the nut house too much longer...

Take care