Friday, September 22, 2006

holey moley, batman

Another week has passed. It has been busy.

Still no Automotive teacher, and last report was that we wont have one on Monday, either. So, I am still pulling double duty, mostly. I did have a day or two this week when I wasn't doing the double. They had a sub in. My thinking (flawed, I am sure) is that, if we are not paying a teacher, why can't we afford a sub ? We did have a sub for a month before we hired an IT teacher.

Wednesday was a trip. We had a field trip scheduled. We were taking 80 kids to a Construction Fair in Shelbyville, KY. Tuesday afternoon, an hour before the end of the school day, we get an email from the high school and 34 sophomores will not be allowed to go because of a PLAN test. The thing on Wednesday was going to take 30 minutes and it was going to knock the students out of the whole days trip. I called a counselor and got her to approve them going. Then they called back and said the Principal nixed the whole idea .. No Sophomores.

We prepared to go, sans nearly half the group. The phone rings and it is Robyn (one of the counselors) and the Sophs are almost done. If we can wait 10 minutes, they can go. We wait. Then I have 74 students going with me and 2 others supervisors. It was an interesting trip.

It made for a split up week.

But .. Friday is finally here.

It was a tough day. Still, I made it. I am here. I am resolved to go on.
I am looking forward to getting out tomorrow. Dinner with friends. Singing. Fun Fun

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Retro Girl said...

*Waaaaaaaaaahhhh* I wanna go to dinner and singing in KY!!! Ya brats!!!

I miss you!!!