Sunday, September 03, 2006

Whew !!

What a whirlwind. The weekend finally arrived. It has been a good weekend so far. The highlights:
Friday was a try to stay in night. We had plans for Saturday. We (briefly) considered driving to Carlisle to pick up the loaner moving van to have it here in case we had time on Saturday to move some things. The problem with that was that we really didn't have time to move anything on Saturday because of previous commitments. If we had the truck, however, we would try to make use of it. That would make Saturday a day from Hades. Like I said, it was a brief thought.

Saturday, we met friends that drove in from Chicago for lunch.
Retro-Girl & Dark came for a visit. Retro is from Lexington for the most part, even if she was a transplant from Ohio so many years ago. Dark is from Canada but worked here and became one of Kentucky's native sons. It was great to see them for lunch. We were joined by Dwayne and Tina (mutual friends) and Brandy and her brood (being Cy, adopted Belle, Fallon the felon, and Cadence.) It was a great time at Buffalo Wild Wings, eating, playing trivia, and just fellowshipping.

We left there for a stop by the old house for packing and moving, even without the big truck. We didn't make Tucker's BD party, but did join his parents, C & R, later for a surprise birthday thing for C. It was at our favorite Karaoke spot, Todd's Karaoke. Retro, Dark, Dwayne, and Tina were there as well. We were also joined by friends, Sandra, Sandra's mom Sandra, and Jack. There was singing, drinking, and dancing.

We left Todd's around 10:30 and stopped by the 11th Frame Lounge to see another set of friends. Then, it was off to the Hacienda.

Sunday started around 9 AM. We got special permission for Chris to be on our old street to help move. This required calling Pre-trial Services every hour. We also alerted Metro to be aware in case the "Tadpole" called to report Chris. We loaded, and loaded, and loaded. We got most everything out that is coming out .. and coming here. Anything else, is coming out .. To the street.

We got home with the load and unloaded in time to collapse for am hour. Then, it was off to return the graciously loaned truck. While returning the truck, we bought an entertainment center for the living room. I know, we just unloaded 3 truckloads of furniture and stuff this week and here we are, adding to that amount. Go figure.

It is finally late. We have a cookout planned for tomorrow. Time to grab some z's

Later all ..

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Retro Girl said...

We had such a FABULOUS time!!! It was wonderful to see you both!! I miss everyone so much already!!

Next time, I'm coming to see that beautiful house in person! Congrats--the pictures you showed from your camera phone were very pretty--looks like a really awesome house. Way to go!!!

Luv ya guys!