Monday, February 14, 2011

What new thing can be said about love?

It is little wonder we speak of falling in love
As love is always there, waiting for us

Love is old, yet, love is ever new
It is as old as time, but as new as the next second

Love is giving, yet, it is always open to receive

Love is patient, yet, it blazes with an impatient passion

Love is an open hand, yet, it holds you in an unbreakable grip
I am captured by its freedom
I am in bonds to its liberty

It is not hidden, but laying in the open,
waiting to be found, waiting to be discovered
It begs to be found, yet delights in the mystery of discovery

It boldly calls out to men and women, yet creates a shyness about itself

It is in the thoughts of the mind
It is in the emotions of the heart
It is in the whimsy of the soul
And it is woven in the words of the mouth

All the words, spoken or penned, have not contained it
All the tomes of time have not described it fully

There is nothing new that can be said of love that has not been said,
Yet, it falls fresh from the lips of every lover, as if never spoken before

It is not the words, old or used,
But the freshness of the heart
That has been washed anew,
By the fire of its passion

These are not new words I say to you,
But a new depth, and a new height,

I love you, Tammy Jo

Happy Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2011
Ron Simpson, Jr.

1 comment:

miruspeg said...

Beautiful poem Ron for your lovely Tammy.
I love the line:
"It is in the whimsy of the soul".

I guess I resonate with the soul quite a lot these days.

I hear congratulations are in order regarding losing over 100 pounds (45kg). Wow man that is fantastic.

More power to you my friends.
Peggy xxxxx