Thursday, April 29, 2010

Poetry .. No Words

No words

There are words by the millions
We use them daily around the world
We express our joys and our sorrows
We build bridges with them
We tear down walls as well

Words tell our stories
Words sing our songs
Words lift our hearts
Words comfort our minds

We use our words
To express our desires
To articulate our needs
We teach our children
“Use your words”

Some people say so little with so much
Whiles others speak volumes with very little
Some words are anticipatory
Waiting for muttering to become “Mama”
Some words are prophetic
Spoken in a needed time

Some people are remembered for their words
The “I have a dream’s”
And the “Ask not’s”
With other words spoken out of hatred and fear
That we try so diligently to forget

They are everywhere you look
We clutter our landscapes
With billboards filled with words

They are everywhere you listen
We jam the airwaves
With every idea that can be

But, there are times
This being one of those
That, words cannot express
That, language, with all its finesse
Cannot make the listener know

The hand clenched into a fist
Not of rage, but frustration
Of being betrayed
By our closest companion

All the words we know
Cannot tell what we feel
No collection of syllables
Will ever, ever tell
What they see inside this heart

They should be pouring outward
As it is broken
It cannot contain them
And yet they fail

The songwriter
Will never fully capture it
The poet
Will not be able to pen it

Today, there are
No words

Ron Simpson, Jr.
April 29, 2010

1 comment:

miruspeg said...

Ron your "No Words" poem spoke volumes to me!
You are a wonderful poet.
Peggy xxx