Sunday, December 06, 2009


Yes, it has been a while since I posted, but I wrote this for a friend and thought I would share it. It is based on the Bible story of Jarius, a ruler in the synagogue, that came to Jesus when his daughter was dying ..

The hardest words

I thought I knew the hardest words

When they told me my daughter was ill

The doctors did all they could, but to no avail

She grew weaker every day

I prepared my heart for the hard words

I never wanted to hear

Words surrounded me

Words of comfort and words of dread

Every new test brought words of optimism

Every new result brought the words of despair

The words came and went

But the hardest words still loomed ahead

I heard of a healer passing through the town

He and His followers were crowded by a mob

I heard He held healing in His very touch

I can’t recall now whether it was faith or desperation

That drove me down the streets

Drawing closer to the crowd and the healer in the midst

Words surrounded me as I drew close

The crying of the mob seeking his favor and attention

Everyone was trying to get closer

Just to touch even the hem of the garment He wore

Then suddenly I was standing before Him

And saying what I thought were the hardest words

“Lord, Come and heal my daughter

She lies at the point of death”

Even as I spoke the words

They tore through my heart

To speak them aloud seemed to give them strength

And they became the hardest words I had ever said

He healed others as we traveled

Time seemed to drag as we moved

Then came the messenger I never wanted to see

With the words I never wanted to hear

He held them in his mouth waiting to spill

The hardest words, “Your daughter is dead”

I never thought there could be harder words

Until Jesus turned to me and spoke

“Be not afraid, only believe”

For months, possibly even years

I watched my daughter slowly die

Every doctor’s words were harder than the last

As one by one they extinguished each word of hope

And every hard word became a brick

That built a wall around my heart

Now, the messenger, with the final brick

Brought me the words I thought I feared the most

I had built this dread in the silent place in my heart

Where the words dared not be whispered

Where, there way down deep, still lived a small hope

That was broken irrevocably by these few words

How can He say to me now

“Only believe”

For years I have believed

And watched that belief stripped one layer at a time

For months, through the endless procession of physicians

Each taking a piece of my belief as they shook their heads

And now that the final piece has been swept away

He tells me to ‘only believe’

These are the hardest words I have ever heard

“Only believe”

Today, as I watch my daughter playing with her friends

As I watch her comb and braid her doll’s hair

As I see her giggle at the glance of some boy in her direction

The hardest words still echo inside me

“Only believe”

I give these words to you, today

In the middle of your trial

In the midst of your despair

Surrounded by all the other words

That seek to rob you of your faith

“Only believe”

Hold on to the hardest words

“Only believe”

Ron Simpson, Jr.

December 6, 2009

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