Saturday, May 12, 2007

mothers day

That special day

When I consider all you have done
Throughout all of my life
And continue to do as each day comes
The idea of a special day for you
Make perfect sense

It is impossible to keep count
Of the knowing and reassuring smiles
No way to measure the courage
That existed because I knew
You were behind me, somewhere

You have done infinitely more
Than wiped my nose or bandaged my knees
Your support has made the difficult easier
And the impossible manageable

You smiled, reassured, and held my hand
Through my pains and heartaches
You hid the tears that you refused to cry
At least, in front of me

You didn’t hide your disappointment
When I was wrong
And believe me, I was wrong many times
You still held to the belief
That I would learn and you would wait

You never made it right
When it was wrong
But when it was right
You were my strongest ally

You made all my successes a mountaintop
You made my failures stepping-stones
For these, and a million other reasons
You have a special day to say
How much I appreciate and love you

That day
That special day
Is everyday

Happy Mothers Day, Mom

Ron Simpson Jr.

May 12, 2007

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Retro Girl said...

What a beautiful tribute! :-)