Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial day weekend

The weekend started with a pain, literally. Tammy had her surgery. The DR did a Hysteronomy. It is supposed to be much less invasive than a hysterectomy. Tammy said it was the most pain she had ever had in her entire life. Considering the fact that she has given birth four times, I will safely assume it was very painful. I have never seen her in such pain since I have known her. She was, or should have been, tied to the bed. It was done out patient with only local anesthesia. She had incredible cramps and pressure. She had Lortab and that didn't even knock the edge off of it. I called the DR. He was on call, but never returned my call. I was not a happy camper.

It highlighted one of the drawbacks to living in a small town. There are only two gynecologists in town. Your choices are fairly slim. As disappointed as we are, there isn't really anywhere else to go for treatment. Rest assured, when she goes back for her check-up, there will be some stern words.

Saturday, she was stubborn and feeling slightly better. I emphasis slightly. She rode with me to Winchester to go to my school and pick up a cover I had altered on Friday. We went to the park then, and put the cover on the new junction box/former panel that we used to change out the service there. When we got back, she conceded that it might not have been the best idea she ever had. Needless to say, when it came time to go out that evening to see some friends, she was still adamant about going. I would have rather stayed home, but she insisted. It was great seeing our friends that we hadn't seen since March. However, it was too much for Tammy. We ate and left after very little socializing. She was exhausted and pale as a sheet at the JC Penney White Sale.

Sunday comes, and I have a singing engagement. It was the day I was to sing the National Anthem at the Lexington Legends baseball game. She was going if it killed her. I offered to stop at the school and get her a wheelchair. She said she was fine. Of course, once we got there, she conceded that the wheelchair might have been a good idea. It was too late to go get it. I had a sound check and then was to sing about an hour later. The singing went well. I couldn't find the exact note I wanted but I found one I could do it in. I found the note in the car, but lost it later. The range on that song is vast. Start too high, and you will croak by the end. Start too low, and you will bottom out in the beginning. I was still a bit throaty from the cold and congestion. Still, Tammy promises me that I did great. I believe her.

We made it home and both stayed in or near the bed for the rest of the day.

Monday, Tammy did something very un-tammy-like. She actually stayed in the bed till around eleven AM. She did get up and change out of her sleeping clothes. She can't stand to stay in them all day. I like it, since most of the time she sleeps (cover your eyes) naked.

She took a bath and washed her hair. We forced the kids to do some cleaning. She folded laundry and wore herself out again. I went on the rampage. I turned off the TV and took away books. I told the kids there would be nothing else done until the house was cleaned. Tammy asked them to do certain things and they took it that those were to be done at their leisure (translated never.) I showed them the error of their ways. The house looks much better now.

My daughter called me this afternoon. She was all apologetic. She was supposed to pass along an invitation to a family cookout today in Lexington. I assured her it was ok, since we wouldn't have been there anyway. Tammy was still in too much pain and discomfort to be traipsing all over town and beyond.

She is sitting on the couch now, because she doesn't have the energy to do the stairs just yet.

That is my weekend. How was yours ?

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