Sunday, June 19, 2011

On Your Day, Dad


It has been a while
Since we were able
To talk, face to face

And, it seems these days
There is more and more
I would want to share

I have never been
One of those
‘Talk to your grave’ types

So, I think of you
And the things I would share
And content myself

I know you would be proud
Of the way my life has turned
And the obvious influence you have

I am not angry
At your unexpected passing
Or seek to place blame

I am sad at times
Even though my mind accepts
It is the way of all flesh

Time will bring this moment
Even to my children
Should time continue to stand

I can only hope and pray
That my influence
Has been as positive and profound

So, this is my
‘Standing at the edge’ talk
And sharing with you, Dad

I am honored to be ‘like’ you
I am as proud as I have ever been
To be your son

His Word
Upon which
You patterned your life

Tells us that we all seek
That approval of the Father
To hear “well done”

And while I do seek it
I like to think I can hear it
In your voice on the winds

“Good job, son”

“Thanks, Dad”

“Happy Father’s Day”

Ron Simpson, Jr.
June 19, 2011

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