Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Someone asked me to write a prayer poem for our Pastor .. here is the result:

The Shepherds

For the sake of their charge,
They stand in the gap
And make up the hedge,
In the heat and the cold
In the sun and in the rain

If they ache,
The sheep never hear
If their heart is heavy,
They try to shield the sheep
That the heaviness isn’t shared
For it is their burden to carry
In their sorrow, they still stand
In their weariness, they still stand

If they ask anything of their charge
They simply ask for prayer
This is their task
This is their burden
This is their joy
This is their glory

God, our master Shepherd
Give added strength
To our undershepherds
Give them added joys
For our shared sorrows
Give them added courage
For when our hearts are faint
Give them wisdom to know the way
And guidance to lead us home

Give me the power withal
To hold up their hands
For they often hold us
To hold up their souls
For they cry for our souls
To hold up their hearts
For they weep for our hearts

Bless them, O’ Lord
As they bless our lives

Ron Simpson, Jr.
August 15, 2010

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