Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Valentine's Day poem for my love

Our love is like

Our love is like ..

Standing on a precipice
Feeling the rush of wind
From the depths below
Sometimes hot and arid
Sometimes moist and cool

Feeling the dizziness of the height
Yet, with my feet planted
Firmly on the ground
Living in the feeling
Of being swept up at any moment

Our love is like ..

The firm ground
At the edge of the abyss
It gives no hint of letting go
To the yawning cavern
Beckoning just below

Feeling the rock steady
The feeling of knowing it is there
And knowing it will be there
Should one jump
It will be there to land upon

Our love is like ..

Taking a walk
As walking is falling and catching
Lift one leg and fall forward
At the last moment
Catch yourself
Then do it again .. and again

Daily, over and over
I fall for you
I lean in the future
And before I fall
Our love catches me once more

Our love is like ..

Standing in a raging river
Pushing and buffeting
Constant threats
Of overflowing the banks
And sweeping me away

I can fight the current
Or I can go with the flow
The truth is somewhere in the middle
As I take our love wherever I go
And it takes me wherever it goes

Our love is like ..

Living in a volcano
Sometimes smoldering
Sometimes erupting
Sometimes smoke and ash
Sometimes liquid heat

Our passion burns
Sometimes just below the surface
Sometimes blindingly bright
Sometimes in smoky eyes
Sometimes in the simplest touch

Our love is like ..

A heart breaker
A soul mender
A life lifter
A hope carrier
A joy giver

Our love is like ..

In every way
On every day
And still we try

I love you, TJ

Ron Simpson, Jr
February 10, 2010

For Valentine’s Day

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Retro Girl said...

What a and the poem. And that beautiful wife of yours. Always an inspiration!
Love ya!