Friday, January 29, 2010

poetry .. Real


Lying here entwined with you
I am overwhelmed
Inhaling the scent of you
Absorbing the warmth of you
Swimming in the gentle roar of you breathing
Adoring the soft touch of your fingers
Feeling your skin next to mine

Desire is sated
And reborn in every touch
Passion explodes
And rekindles in every kiss
Want is emptied out
And filled in every caress

I know love is a feeling
I know it is supposed to be intangible
I also know that I feel it against me
I smell it
I taste it
I am surrounded by it
I hear it
I see it sparkling in your eyes
And feel it sparkling in mine

My love for you
Exists in all of my senses
And while it may be indescribable
Well beyond the words of my lips
I know it when it comes to me

I am carried away by its scent
I am blinded by its brilliance
My heart pounds in rhythm
To the sound of its beat
My lips savor the taste
Long after our lips have parted
My fingers remember
The feel of it beneath them

My love
Your love
Our love

Ron Simpson, Jr
January 29, 2010

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