Thursday, September 17, 2009

been facebooking

I have been facebooking. Amazing how we make verbs of the nouns we use.

There has been much happening. The highest on the list of event has to be Chris' release. Chris was released from Three Forks Regional Jail at 12:01 AM on September 1. The jail told us they would hold him til morning if we wanted, Tammy assured them that would not be necessary. we were there at 11:30 to begin the process. We, being Tammy, me, Chella, Kyle, Sierra, Nick, Cloe, Kiera, Jeff, Michelle, Becca, and Stacy, gathered at the doors. We welcomed him to the outside for the first time without having to return. Then we gathered our train and headed to the parking lot of the Dollar General to meet Granny, Granny was a cook in the kitchen and grew close to 'juggy' as she called him. They visited for a bit while the Beatyville police drove by. It seems that midnight meetings in the parking lot of the Dollar store are not the norm in that town,

It is great to have Chris home.

Nick did his Nick thing again. He went AWOL. Idiot. He has has three leaves while in the Army and has gone AWOL every time. Eventually, he goes back before it become desertion. That would mean time in Leavenworth. He is back in Korea now. Sierra is looking for a new place to live. The drama continues.

I am still out of work and looking everywhere.

We are still paying the bills and keeping the roof over our heads.

Time goes on. I am drawing and writing. I have drawn over 100 portraits this year. It is still fun. I have been thinking of doing some painting. We will see where that goes. Some I have been reading on Facebook, Some I keep up with by email. Some I still keep up with here.

I am sure more will follow ...

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