Monday, August 10, 2009

Kiera .. born August 10, 2009


Everything changes on the face of it

Amazed at how one singular event can do that

Amazing more still is the commonality

And yet complexity of said event

It happens about four times every second of every day

It is a staggering statistic to view all at once

But to each individual involved in this statistic

It is a singularly significant event

Sometimes planned and sometimes not

Eagerly anticipated for months

Building to a physical and emotional crescendo

And topped with a miracle

I wonder if you listened from the inside

While we planned and discussed about you outside

I wonder if you felt the love that held you

Even before our hands and arms held you

I wonder if you fussed in there

When we invaded your privacy

When we took pictures with sound

And examined you up, down, and side to side

Did you feel some bit of understanding

As we touched and rubbed your temporary home

As we awaited your flutters and kicks

As we wanted to feel and be felt in return

Could you sense our impatience in there

As we wrestled with what we wanted the most

And what we knew was the best for you

And how we waited .. and waited .. and waited

Did you know the beautiful violence

That would move you from your warmth

To the warmth of our multiples of affection

And the tenderness of our loving gaze

Will you ever know the fullness of the love

That brought you here to us

Far above the love felt betwixt a man and woman

Until the day of your own singularly common miracle

A little hard labor

A couple pushes

And there you were, squirt

Kiera Jo Faith Bolton

August 10, 2009


Willow Tree said...

They will only glimpse the "fullness of love that brought (them) here" when they hold their own babies. This is beautiful. CONGRATULATIONS and welcome Kiera Jo Faith.


Retro Girl said...

Congrats Grandpa! :-)
That baby will be SO loved.
What a blessing! Can't wait to see pics!

miruspeg said...

What joy a new life brings.
I am sure Kiera or squirt will know the fullness of the love that brought her here.

Thanks for sharing your joy Ron.
Love and hugs
Peggy xxxxx