Thursday, July 09, 2009

Cort shakes

Cloe (if you read TJ's blog) is now in her terrible two's and repeating everything said to her in a two-year-old way. She is like a little mocking bird, which she will repeat if you call her one (see.)

She says all kinds of things in her own way, and as TJ says, sometimes when she does learn to say it correctly, it isn't really an improvement.

One of the recent things she tried to repeat and got it all mixed up was 'short cakes.' TJ called her short cakes and Cloe promptly repeated, "Cort Shakes."

When she was much younger, (if one could ever be much younger then two) she would get aggrevated and we would distract her by talking to her. She would dutifully listen and try to talk back. As she has gotten older (Gasp .. two) she has gotten better about the proper repeating. She still say "bass tootin" instead of 'Rasputin.'

Once, when she was aggrevated while we were going to church, she got stuck on saying 'mommy.' I said, 'Rasputin,' and she tried to repeat it. It became the last resort (or first laugh) when we were driving. I know that one day, she will be in kindergarten talking about Rasputin. I can't wait for that call from a worried kindergarten teacher.

Until then , "bass tooin cort shakes."


Granny on the Web said...

I hope her parents keep notes on this period of her life. One of my sons found pronunciation difficult at first and some of the interpretations were such gems, they have remained in usage at fun family gatherings. Even in later years he would make up a word, one being for eg. 'I felt discomfortable today at school' or he would say he' hated those evengetables' he was given for lunch.
He is now a church minister for a church in New Hampshire. Praise the Lord!

Love Granny

Debbie said...

I loved it when my kids mixed up the first letter like that. Still happens occasionally!

jinksy said...

My daughter created 'par cark' and 'conkerree' (car park and concrete) which I still prefer to the originals!