Thursday, July 31, 2008

Grateful for a 40 cent dip

Gas prices around here have dropped to around $3.65 a gallon. I got gas in Lexington on Tuesday using my Kroger card to drop the price an additional 10 cents and got it for $3.58 a gallon. This is a good thing. Especially since we are going to be road hogs this week.

Tuesday: Drove to Cincinnati and back to pick up Mauritha (Tammy's best friend of nearly 20 yrs.) 250 miles round trip.

Wednesday: Took Mauritha and half of Mt Sterling (or so it seems) to see Chris in Beattyville. Tammy filled the truck with people. Seven went. 120 miles round trip.

Thursday: We will be going to Lexington today to do some school shopping and then on to Nicholasville for some Karaoke. Several of the kids will be joining us. Some riding and some meeting us there. All three of my girls live in Nicholasville. 110 miles round trip.

Friday: We will be driving to Cincinnati to take Mauritha back to her sisters house. She is flying out on Monday to go back to Cocoa Florida. 250 miles round trip.

Saturday: Fellowship Rally in Burlington KY. 210 miles round trip.

Sunday: Our usual short drive to church. 70 miles round trip.

Total: 1010 miles.

With the gas mileage my Trailblazer EXT gets, that amounts to approximately $25 less for gas. I can live with that extra not coming out of my pocket.

Wahooooooooooo !

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