Thursday, August 02, 2007

Back in the swing

This year promises to be busier than ever. Already, before students arrive, I am slated to teach 3 classes to my fellow teachers. The three classes involve "Teaching across Poverty lines," "The power of I," and "PowerPoint Presentations."

The first and second are based on classes I attended in New Orleans. The latter is a request by my principal. It seems I am the only teacher creating his own PowerPoint presentations. She wants me to teach the other teachers how to do it.

We are back full time in the school. Students will be back August 13. We have a new schedule, a new way of working, two new teachers, and a whole new batch of rules (some good, some not so good.)

Today, I was invited to join the Electrical Curriculum Committee for the state. We worked today on revamping the way the state looks at class groupings for certificates. It was a good meeting.

Oh yeah, I finished my summer semester with an "A" and a "B" in the two classes I took. The fall semester starts August 20. I am taking one class this fall. Looks like more fun.

And I will be teaching the adult class for 4 weeks in September or October for the Community Education bunch.

As I said, Busy busy busy.

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